Our Mission Statement

Skuola Screenshot Piece We strive to provide the highest quality, most effective results to assist any need that may arise with accuracy, speed and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our responsiveness, flexibility and quickly growing presence in the industry.


About Us

Skuola Screenshot Piece AQG was formed in 2006 by President Stephen Whetstone and Operations Director Brent Schwartz, having combined automotive and customer service experience over 30 years. Both saw a need for suppliers to be able to drive down quality concerns and increase productivity without the cost of lost plant and travel time.

Assurance Quality Group was founded as the solution.

Quick Contact Information

Skuola Screenshot Piece
Assurance Quality Group
2401 Clements Road
Cottondale, AL 35453

Office: 205-248-7226
Fax: 205-523-0147
Evenings: 205-246-1940

The flexibility to tackle any task.

AQG serves dozens of automotive parts suppliers; AQG has dedicated, experienced staff trained in plastics, rubber, metals, electronics, hydraulics, lighting, glass, motors, chassis, and paint; AQG is on the front lines on-site, protecting from part loss and supplying invaluable feedback.

Our trained employees are able to provide rework for almost any part, from plastics to metals to paint as well as progamming electrical components. When an issue arises, our staff can provide immediate on-site support to eliminate part loss and bolster production.

Warehousing and Shipping
Assurance Quality Group partners with Century Dedicated to offer warehousing to fit any need as well as efficient, on time delivery to anywhere, anytime.

AQG can offer 20,000 square feet of warehouse space in Cottondale, AL; just 12 miles from Mercedes Benz and many other surrounding automotive suppliers. We are located directly off highway 20/59 for easy access.

At a Glance: What AQG can do for you.

Supplier Representation
  • Provide instant feedback on part quality, function and status.
  • Lower PPM through investigation and rework.
  • Reliable 24/7 on-site contact, responding to any issues that arise.
  • Detailed reporting and data collection, customized to client needs.

Sorting and Containment
  • Professional teams with swift response and set up times.
  • Internally managed and trained inspectors following customer specified instruction.
  • Can preform on or off site at AQG's dedicated warehouse facility.
  • Accurate data collection to provide detail and transparency.

Personnel Solutions
  • AQG can fill on or off-line production needs for any time-span.
  • Staffing professional, punctual and trained workers.
  • Pure staffing or on-site managed teams are available.
  • Screening and quality control are priority, AQG is available for contact 24/7 in regard to questions or concerns.